The invitation is the first piece of decor guests see

and their first impression of your special event.



Your beautiful day should reflect your style and personality through your first piece of decor. Your relationship is unique to the two of you. Anyone can get a cookie cutter invitation and personalize it, but having your own design is something beautiful. It's extra special and you deserve that. Your wedding is about your love and the celebration of it. That anticipation of opening an envelope and pulling out a custom design brings so much joy for your guests. It sets the stage, it's the first piece of decor they see and their first impression of the festivities. Why not make that impression a lasting, gorgeous one?


virginia & sue

Virginia & Sue are the middle names of two sweet and sassy grandmothers. As ladies, we are shaped by the women that surround us throughout our lives. Inspired by family members, friends or simply characters that never leaves you, they mold us into the women that we are. Choose your hairstyle, hair color, lip color and stationery colors to create special stationery that is uniquely your own. 


Bonds with sisters, best friends or moms are precious. Cherish your relationships with a custom Life Love print from the Virginia & Sue line. Customize each of you, add more ladies and create your own line of text. This is also a memorable way to ask your bridesmaids to stand beside you on your big day, or make a special announcement to those close to you.